Sunday, February 18, 2018

Gang War II: Electric Boogaloo

No progress on the hobby front, unfortunately.  Work and school remain my primary time absorbers, but I'm working on the former.

In the meantime, I have Gang War II in hand (along with the accompanying Orlock releases), so I've been taking a look at the new rules, and have some ideas...

1) Use the majority of the older Necromunda models as House-specific Scum.  They don't even have to match the gang's scheme that they are hired on for, representing, perhaps, disgraced members of another gang, or the leftovers of a disbanded gang.  The only real restrictions I have are Trading Post related, so the old Heavy and Leader models are still out, I'm afraid.

2) I've come up with 4 (and counting...) Bounty Hunter builds, including one that emulates a certain mouthy Merc...

3) There are 4 Hangers-on types so far, and each gang is limited in the following ways:
-Total # of Hangers-on they can have (based on Reputation)
-Each type has a limit on how many can be present within a gang
-Each type has build options

So, I'm toying with the idea of building each variation available to the maximum amount of times that type could show up.  For Ammo Jacks, this means making up a whopping 12 models!  For Sloppers...1 model is all I'd ever need!

I've been enjoying working on listing out those 3 groups that I haven't really worked on the Orlock list at all!  Part of that, though, stems from the Orlock weapons chart not being what I hoped it would; my gang concept wants more CCW options than are available at gang creation.

That's all for now!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Updates forthcoming, I promise!

Long and short of it: work's gotten worse, and I'm back in college, so that's pretty much eaten up all of my free time.

I have lots of ideas and plans, naturally, but perhaps I'll have more time during a break in the semester!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Necromunda Collection Analysis

Refer to this post if you need a visual reference.  I'm not including anything from my newly acquired box set, just the models I have from my older collection.

I've broken down the list from using both the Gang War supplement (for the Goliaths and Eschers) and the Legacy Gangs PDF (for the other 4 core gangs)...and it ain't pretty:

-Dark Eldar Eschers: 1045 credits (aka need to cut a Juve or some equipment from the starting lineup in order to be a playable gang), 10 models

-Painted Eschers: 800 credits (815 after one trip to the Trading Post to round out missing equipment), 9 models (since my Heavy Stubber "Champion" has been nerfed for the Eschers)

-Goliaths: ??? credits (I gave up when 3 models are wholly unusable in their current state, the Leader can't get a meltagun, one guy has no hands/weapons, etc), 13 models (if I could make them usuable)

-Orlocks: 830 credits (but invalid in their current state; I have 3 Ganger models vs 6 non-Ganger models, and 2 of the Gangers have no hands/weapons), 9 models

-Van Saar: 605 credits (but invalid in their current state, as they lack a Leader, barring making one of the Gangers a Leader instead), 9 models

-Delaque: 110 credits, 2 yeah, 100% unusable!

-Cawdor: 910 credits, 12 yeah, 100% usuable!  6 Gangers balance out the 4 Juves + 1 Champion + 1 Leader

So, final breakdown:

Usable Gangs: Dark Eldar Eschers, Painted Eschers, Cawdor

Possibly Usable Gangs (after slight work): Orlocks, Van Saar, Goliaths

Unusable Gangs: Delaque

I haven't decided if I'm going to build my boxed set as they have it built for the boxed set (i.e. set equipment for named character cards), or if I'm going to go my own way on them.  In any event, they will likely have different color schemes than how GW painted them up for the boxed set, even if I build up the models as is.

I may also look into acquiring some more Dark Eldar Wyches to expand the Dark Eldar Eschers.

Also, I forgot: NO HIRED GUNS LISTED IN THE GANG WAR SUPPLEMENT.  I did order Gor Half-Horn from Forge World, but that's only one Hired Gun model...I need more!!!

Necromunda Release!!!

It's here!!!

And here are the Legacy Gangs!

So, some thoughts as I'm going through the Legacy Gangs and the Gang War supplement:

Gang War:

-Each House still has its own list to purchase off of for starting equipment, and can go to the Trading Post to acquire new equipment that's not on their initial list (in addition to their own House list).

-Trading Post allows for each gang to acquire the following (I'll leave credits cost off lest I invoke the wrath of someone at GW for posting rules content):

Basic: autoguns, lasguns, shotguns, combat shotguns*
Pistols: stub guns, autopistols, laspistols, plasma pistols*, combi-pistols (stub gun/plasma)*
Special: grenade launchers*
Close Combat: club/maul/hammer, axe, fighting knife, power sword*
Grenades: frag, krak*, choke gas*
Various wargear, weapon attachments, and special ammo is available as well.  Items marked with an asterisk are considered Rare and take special actions to try and acquire.

-There is an entry on the weapon profiles for a bolt pistol, but no one has a way of getting one yet.  CHAINSWORD ARE STILL SUSPICIOUSLY ABSENT!!!

-There are allusions to future supplements expanding the armory options for ALL gangs, in addition to adding more items for the Trading Post.

-Gang Composition:
--1 Leader ALWAYS
--2 Champions MAX + 1 per 10 Reputation the gang has
--Unlimited Juves but...
--Unlimited Gangers, needs to be at least 1 per every other character type (Leader, Champion, Juve)
--Gangers have a limited Advancement chart compared to the others, but can become Specialists which moves them to the better chart
--Juves can gain a certain number of Advancements before becoming Champions, and aren't subject to the same level up penalties that the others are.

-Special Territories are back, simpler than before (in a good way).  Income is determined otherwise by a gang's Turf Rating (d10 x TR), no need to use a chart to basically pay upkeep taxes (THANK THE EMPEROR), so it's straight income.

-Hangers-On are a new type of character (interviews has alluded to them being home base type of characters) that ARE NOT in this campaign supplement (but addressed as coming in the future).

-Skills are still acquired fairly randomly by rolling, but characteristic improvements are selectable from what you roll (i.e. +1 WS or +1 BS), so no more lasgun-toting ganger becoming oddly more close-combat adept!

-Characteristics has max values, usually starting level + a higher Toughness Goliath, for example, has a higher max Toughness improvement level over, say, an Escher's max Toughness.  Cool that the gangs will keep their unique flavor instead of becoming even as they advance.

Legacy Gangs

-All use the same weapons chart off of the Legacy Gang PDF file, until they get an actual supplement update.

-Heavy stubbers are available to the other 4 gangs (no access for Goliaths or Eschers for now), but the following lines are promising: 

Many of the classic Citadel Miniatures Necromunda Gangers carry some pretty heavy duty and flamboyant firepower. At present, there is a very limited number of heavy weapons available in the new edition. This is deliberate, and more heavy weapons will be introduced in future supplements. Such weapons are not readily available to fresh-faced rookie gangs with no Reputation!

That's all for now!  Time to dive into more analysis of the models I have on hand!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Update: Necromunda terrain progress

Still running on the poor side of finances, but I have tried to work on some terrain for Necromunda while I'm unable to purchase any new building supplies.

Figured I'd leave this dropped knife on one of the bridges, for a little character.  I figure I can dress up all sorts of terrain pieces just by doing stuff like this.

Tried to use the blemishes I couldn't remove by turning them into rust spots.


Some leaked oil?

Ugh, not really sure what that is...slime?  Xenos blood?  No clue.

Scorch marks?  Might need to add more drybrushing to make it more visible.

So I've had this metal chainsaw in my bits box forever, and I still have no idea what kit it belongs to.

Well, now it's an industrial chainsaw!

Make that an abandoned industrial chainsaw!

Some rust added in where I could.

The idea is to use it to decorate some terrain as another discarded item.  Let's just hope that no one tries to use it like whomever used the knife from above...

Took some shots of the shop/food stand for someone I'm hoping can help me make some 3D printed signage.

So I bought this "crate" years ago, and could never figure out how to put it together.  Well, I tried...and neither type of glue will work.'ll be debris for basing, like old crates that have been buried in the debris, probably from dome collapses that the Underhive is prone to...

My brother has loaned me some of the new, proper crates, plus some of the promethium pipes, since I'm working solely on terrain until Friday's Necromunda release.

Yeah, it looks a bit...colorful.  Don't worry, I plan on theming these bad boys:

Red: Mechanicus crate, black accents
Yellow: industrial crate, black accents
White: medical supplies, red accents
Blue: ???, ??? accents
Purple: Guilder high-end stuff?, gold accents
Green: ???, ??? accents

Twilight Imperium IV

It's finally here!!!

It's a huge box!  

I, of course, went straight for the central planet (Mecatol Rex)...

...but was overthrown a few turns later.

I'll probably appreciate the game more once I get to read up on the lore of each race, but this intro game took 4.5 hours for 3 people!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Necromunda Auxiliary Gangs (PHOTO HEAVY)

These are the models that likely won't see updates in 2018 like the rest of the Core gangs (except for maybe Hired Guns)


This one Orrus model is all I own, and only because he came as part of a lot of other models.  I seriously hated the Spyrer gang so much; overpowered rich kid jerks killing Underhive gangers for some messed up sport.  Even better, they could call on mommy or dad...sorry, the Matriarch or Patriarch...if they ever got into a bind.  Well, at least that much sounds sadly like real life...

The Redemptionists

While I'm not a fan of the whole "they're kinda like a certain well-known hate group" vibe, I always found these guys fun to play, with their emphasis on short range weaponry and no-fucks-given approach to dealing with anyone.  Unfortunately under the old rules, that meant they lost every time!

A decent core of 6 autogun guys, including 5 of them with exterminator cartridges!

2 shotgun dudes and a dual-wielding autopistol nutjob...awesome.

2 Priests!  With meltaguns!  So I probably won't be able to use them, lol.

2 Deacons with grenade launchers...which isn't nearly as ridiculous as...

...4 Deacons with flamers!  I may have bought way too many Redemptionist models, lol.

Pit Slaves

I used to own a bunch of these guys, but I sold them way back when.  This is the only guy I have left...and he's incomplete...and may only be able to be used as a dead body or objective now...

Ratskin Renegades

Not enough to pull off a full gang, but if nothing else, if I can use them as Ratskin Scout Hired Guns...

3 autotguns + 1 flintlock

A leader that was painted up for the Cawdor gang from the last yeah, he'll need stripping and repainting...

Brakar the Avenger!  Not sure this model can be used at all, but we'll see...

The Enforcers

Why yes, I would love to play Judge Dredd!  But I'm not sure how legal this gang is...yes, pun intended, sadly.

3 shotgun dudes

Boltgun and plasma gun dudes

2 grenade launcher dudes

Heavy stubber dude and a cyber-mastiff (no handler model, though...)

Leader with a plastic chainsword for some reason, may need replacing...

Hired Guns

2 Scum models

I try to paint them up to match the gang I picture them hanging out with, so #2 was going to be more Goliath-looking...

Bounty hunter with bolt pistol and boltgun...

...and a chainsword and shotgun!  Sheesh!

That's all for now!