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Welcome back!  A few months back I scrubbed the blog clean for a variety of reasons, and decided that I needed to relaunch in 2020.  My goal is to get better about posting on here, since I fell off the wagon about getting hobby stuff done for a while; I went back to school to finish my degree!  That's about as personal as I plan on getting since this needs to be a HOBBY blog and not a diary. ;)

For any new faces or old-timers needing a reminder, I have a variety of hobbies that I intend to write about on here!  Board gaming is slowly getting phased out of my life, so there will be less of that, but here's what you can expect from here:

-Necromunda (lots of fact, I'm actually going to run a nearly yearlong campaign!)
-Warhammer 40K (mostly painting projects, as I haven't played a game in a few years)
-Wargaming terrain (mostly for Necromunda, naturally)
-PC gaming

Here's to hoping for a successful 2020!

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