Thursday, November 16, 2017

Necromunda Auxiliary Gangs (PHOTO HEAVY)

These are the models that likely won't see updates in 2018 like the rest of the Core gangs (except for maybe Hired Guns)


This one Orrus model is all I own, and only because he came as part of a lot of other models.  I seriously hated the Spyrer gang so much; overpowered rich kid jerks killing Underhive gangers for some messed up sport.  Even better, they could call on mommy or dad...sorry, the Matriarch or Patriarch...if they ever got into a bind.  Well, at least that much sounds sadly like real life...

The Redemptionists

While I'm not a fan of the whole "they're kinda like a certain well-known hate group" vibe, I always found these guys fun to play, with their emphasis on short range weaponry and no-fucks-given approach to dealing with anyone.  Unfortunately under the old rules, that meant they lost every time!

A decent core of 6 autogun guys, including 5 of them with exterminator cartridges!

2 shotgun dudes and a dual-wielding autopistol nutjob...awesome.

2 Priests!  With meltaguns!  So I probably won't be able to use them, lol.

2 Deacons with grenade launchers...which isn't nearly as ridiculous as...

...4 Deacons with flamers!  I may have bought way too many Redemptionist models, lol.

Pit Slaves

I used to own a bunch of these guys, but I sold them way back when.  This is the only guy I have left...and he's incomplete...and may only be able to be used as a dead body or objective now...

Ratskin Renegades

Not enough to pull off a full gang, but if nothing else, if I can use them as Ratskin Scout Hired Guns...

3 autotguns + 1 flintlock

A leader that was painted up for the Cawdor gang from the last yeah, he'll need stripping and repainting...

Brakar the Avenger!  Not sure this model can be used at all, but we'll see...

The Enforcers

Why yes, I would love to play Judge Dredd!  But I'm not sure how legal this gang is...yes, pun intended, sadly.

3 shotgun dudes

Boltgun and plasma gun dudes

2 grenade launcher dudes

Heavy stubber dude and a cyber-mastiff (no handler model, though...)

Leader with a plastic chainsword for some reason, may need replacing...

Hired Guns

2 Scum models

I try to paint them up to match the gang I picture them hanging out with, so #2 was going to be more Goliath-looking...

Bounty hunter with bolt pistol and boltgun...

...and a chainsword and shotgun!  Sheesh!

That's all for now!

Necromunda Core Gangs (PHOTO HEAVY)

As mentioned previously, I'm holding off on painting up any of my old Necromunda models for one simple reason: the armory options.

I have a list of what the Eschers and Goliaths can currently take...and while the Escher armory is fairly straightforward from the last edition, the Goliaths...not so much.  And since the Legacy Gangs are posted yet either (I suspect that won't happen until at least launch day), there's no point in doing any rampant speculation.

In any event, I was just going to photograph my models from the Eschers and Goliaths, but since I was already set up for photos, I went ahead and just took photos of them all!  I did break this up into two posts, since the sheer number of photos would have been a nightmare in a single post.  I do have commentary regarding the gangs we DO have armories for, though...

House Escher

Gang #1: The Kitbashed Dark Eldar Wyches from eBay

Obviously, Eschers can't have Dark Eldar weapons, but for every exotic looking pistol they have, I decided that it can just be a fancy laspistol!  Knives are knives, but in the case of the Escher, these are stiletto knives (because even the basic knives are different so far between the two houses...).  So...these two models are good to go!

Escher still have access to shotguns and lasguns, so we're good here too!

Now, Escher don't get flamers anymore, but they can take a status weapon called chem-thrower, so this model should otherwise be ready to go!  That blade thing in her hand can also be a stiletto knife for all I care, lol, as they only have access to like three melee weapons and that's the closest thing that looks like it could be.

More fancy laspistols?  Check.  Another status weapon that the Eschers have access to are shock whips, so those things look like they could function as those.  Perfect!

Autopistols are still a thing Eschers can buy; power claws...not so much.  Might have to rip that arm off and replace it with something else, or call it a power sword...I'm undecided.

Somehow, NEITHER GANG HAS ACCESS TO THE UBIQUITOUS 40K WEAPON CALLED A CHAINSWORD!!!  So...if Gang War doesn't allow for the ladies to take a chainsword...I'll have to replace this model's weapon too.

Gang #2: The Awesomely Painted Eschers from eBay!

Lasguns, autopistols, power swords, and shotguns are all still in play, so these models are ready to rumble!  Nevermind the juve, we know we're getting rules for them down the line...

Stub guns are Goliath-only so far for some odd reason, so these may have to become autopistols for now?  Not sure what to do with that pick, though...stiletto knife may be pushing it, but power sword would definitely be wrong!  Autoguns are still an Escher item.

This leader's laspistol is fine.  The boltgun...well, they can take a status weapon called needler/bolter combi-weapon, so I guess I could dummy that up as that?

Plasma pistols are a status weapon so that's fine.  Again, the POSTER MELEE WEAPON OF 40K, THE CHAINSWORD, ISN'T AN OPTION FOR SOME REASON!!!

This warrior has a plasma gun strapped to a lasgun; the former is not a thing for the Escher, but the latter I'm not sure how to handle this model...

Heavy stubbers are out for the time being.  Sorry Roxanne, you're going to have to sit out for now!

House Goliath

Gang #1: The Mix of Metal and Super Old Plastics

The new Goliaths are so much larger than these older models that I may have to run all of these guys as juves now!  Lol!

Stub guns and combat shotguns are Goliath weapons (the latter is different from the Escher shotgun, of course, namely shorter range but more lethal shells), so these should be fine.

Autoguns are not Goliath-friendly for whatever I guess these guys are going to be wielding combat shotguns!

So that stub gun on the left is fine...but the bolt pistol, autopistol, and laspistol are all verboten for the Goliath fighters!  So no idea what to do with model #2...

This guy is pretty 'armless, lol.  Cheesy joke aside, if I can find a suitable weapon for him, I can still use this model.

Stub gunsare fine, lasguns are not.  Shit.

Again, okay on that stub gun, not so much for the meltagun.  Like, nothing even close to it for now...ugh.

Boltgun, heavy stubber, bolt pistol...sorry guys, you're out for now!

House Orlock

Gang #1: The Inefficient Types of Models Gang

These guys were already painted, and may inform the future paint scheme for this gang...

2x Heavy Stubber models, hopefully they'll still be useable!

These guys just need some form of 2-handed gun and they're fine.

Juves are going to be useful, assuming they live...

This is actually a Scum model (per the base tab), but I figured it might make for a good Leader model for the otherwise leaderless Orlock gang.

House Van Saar

Gang #1: Would You Look at the Monopose Ancients Gang

Shotgun, lasgun (long-las?), autogun...groovy.

Autoguns with laspistol backups are great...three of the same model that isn't real customizable, not so much...

Three juves would help this gang expand in the long run I leas they're all different models...

House Delaque

Yeah, I only have these two models, Mr. Stub Gun (Juve?) and Mr. Lasgun.  I guess the rest are hiding on the Internet, should I ever choose to go looking for them...

House Cawdor

Gang #1: The Religious Assholes Gang

Plenty of gangers to form a core gang, at least: 4 lasguns, 1 shotgun, 1 autogun.  Now that paint scheme might not last...

4 juves will help the core gang grow nicely, and I've even fine with the 2x poses across 4x models...

Heavy and Leader; even if I strip and repaint these, I might go with that black hood for the heavy again (assuming I can use the model at all)...

Stay tuned for part 2!