Sunday, July 30, 2017

Upcoming Stuff

-Tomorrow I'm due to get both Raxxon AND This War of Mine in!!!  Super stoked about the latter for sure...shipping took forever because I ordered damn near every extra bit or expansion I could!

-Relatedly, if someone is looking for a Raxxon invite code, I have one left to spare; drop me a line in the comments.

-I think my next project might be some simple re-basing of existing models (like Deathwatch and Blood Ravens) with some minor touch-ups; the new SM Codex mentions some "new" canon on how the Blood Ravens denote their company color (right kneepad) which means some shoulder pads need new trim and whatnot...

-I haven't had time to do a complete analysis of the new SM Codex, but I noticed that Librarians and Chaplains lack the option to take a Bike...which is a bit of a problem since I have a Bike Chaplain and had a Bike Librarian in the works, both for the Blood Ravens...

-And speaking of the Blood Ravens...Gabriel Angelos is finally up for pre-order!!!  But since I know my wife thinks I'm difficult to shop for, I'm leaving this one for her to order as a Christmas present. ;)

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