Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Real Life Stuff

I'll keep it brief, as I know that no one visits this blog for "IRL stuff."

For reasons I can't get into publicly (on the off chance my employers track this down), I am looking to leave my current job due to "professional growth limitations."  It's disappointing because I've given so much to my employer over the 8.5+ years I've been there (including family/hobby time and friendships), so it's time for me to find another path to success and happiness.

I'm really looking to perhaps finish school (especially if I can do so via tuition reimbursement with my current employer) so that I have a piece of paper that might make me more attractive to prospective employers, because they can't possibly know ahead of time that I learn quickly and possess the kind of integrity that makes me a good employee.

I assume that finishing up school will be quite the distraction, so I might be clearing out some unfinished projects and unplayed board games to clear out some of the clutter in my home.

In any event, I make mention of it here because a change in career might drastically alter this blog, for better or worse.  With any luck, I might have a career that will enable me to spend more time doing what I enjoy instead of working 40+ hour weeks at a job that may fiscally enable me to buy things but doesn't allow me the time to enjoy them.

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