Sunday, July 22, 2018


Over 5 months since an update!

I did accomplish so Necromunda and terrain stuff back in May while I was on vacation, but since I knew my time was limited, I didn't devote time to blogging (though I did take photos).

Sadly...this isn't a great update.  My employer has slammed me with tons of mandatory overtime since the beginning of the year (my last check alone had 44 hours of it!), which has sapped my time, health, and creativity.  Plus I was attending college part-time during the spring semester, which only complicated things.

I'm a year/2 semesters/10 classes away from finishing my degree, hopefully to start in some other field that values me better. employer isn't keen on letting me switch to a less burdensome schedule, so unless a miracle happens in a closed-door meeting (that I've not been invited to)... I'll be unemployed in about 5 weeks or so.

In any event, I'm not just here to whine about life being life.  I felt it to be important to note that, while this blog may be dormant for long stretches, I'm not abandoning the hobby outright.  I will probably reduce my inventory greatly in the coming weeks (models and board games alike) to clear out clutter and supplement my savings during these upcoming months.

Here's to hoping for a better future.

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